Pediatric Extractions

Tooth extractions are dental procedures performed to remove one or more problematic teeth from the mouth. While your child’s pediatric dentist will always try to preserve natural teeth, there are certain situations where one or more teeth may need to be removed in order to maintain your child’s oral health and/or prevent future complications. There are two different types of extraction techniques that may be used:

A simple extraction uses forceps and an elevator tool to gently rock and lift the entire tooth and tooth root out of the socket in one piece. Most fully erupted teeth can be extracted using a simple extraction technique.

A surgical extraction is performed when the tooth is structurally damaged and cannot be removed in one piece. Surgical extractions involve breaking the tooth into pieces, then removing each piece one at a time. In some cases, surgical extractions can also involve cutting into the gum tissue.

Did You Know?

Gently biting down on a black tea bag soaked in water can be used to stop bleeding after a tooth extraction. This is because tea contains tannins, which aid in the formation of blood clots.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does my child need a tooth extraction?

Your child may need a tooth extraction if they:

  • Have a severely decayed tooth that cannot be restored
  • Experience dental trauma or injury
  • Develop pediatric periodontal disease that causes their teeth to become loose
  • Have impacted wisdom teeth
  • Have too many teeth for the size of their mouth
  • Have over-retained baby teeth

Ultimately, only your child’s pediatric dentist can determine if your child needs a tooth extraction by evaluating their teeth, bite, and dental x-rays. If you think your child may need a tooth extraction, schedule an appointment at Carr Pediatric Dentistry today.

What can my child expect when having a tooth extraction at Carr Pediatric Dentistry?

At Carr Pediatric Dentistry, we do everything that we can to ensure your child has a positive dental experience. Because of this, all of our tooth extraction procedures are performed using dental anesthetics and a deep level of sedation. This means that your child will not experience any pain or anxiety during the procedure, nor will they even remember the procedure happening.

Before your child’s tooth extraction appointment, we will go over how to prepare your child for their upcoming extraction. You will be provided with information about what your child should wear, when to stop letting them eat and drink, and what the treatment plan and anticipated recovery period is afterwards. To make you feel more comfortable about the process, we will take our time explaining everything and answering any questions you may have.

How do I care for my child after a tooth extraction?

After your child’s extraction, they will remain in the office while they “wake up” from the sedation. They will likely have the extraction sites packed with cotton to control any residual bleeding. In the first couple of hours after their procedure, their mouth is usually still numb from the dental anesthetics. Before leaving our office, we will provide you with detailed instructions on how to manage pain and swelling, what to feed your child, and how to keep the extraction sites clean. In most cases, you can expect your child to be groggy for the rest of the day after leaving our office. Within a few days, most children will return to their normal selves.