Stainless Steel Crowns

Pediatric dental crowns are tooth-shaped caps made from stainless steel that are used to preserve primary teeth that have been severely damaged or decayed. In most cases, a pediatric dental crown is placed after a baby root canal has been performed to remove decayed tissue from the inside of the tooth. Since prematurely lost baby teeth can cause a range of problems for the incoming permanent teeth, pediatric dental crowns allow the affected tooth to remain in place until it is naturally lost.

Did You Know?

Primary teeth are more likely to decay than permanent teeth. This is because primary teeth are structured differently than permanent teeth, with a thin layer of enamel and an extremely thin layer of dentin. Unfortunately, this means that it is easier for bacteria to erode through the enamel and dentin to reach the center of the tooth.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does my child need a pediatric dental crown?

Your child may need to have a pediatric dental crown placed if they have one or more teeth that has been severely impacted by damage or decay. Generally speaking, if the tooth cannot be safely and effectively restored using a dental filling, then a pediatric crown will need to be placed. Additionally, pediatric dental crowns are also placed after pulp therapy or baby root canal treatments.

What should my child expect when having a pediatric dental crown placed at Carr Pediatric Dentistry?

At Carr Pediatric Dentistry, we do everything that we can to ensure your child has a positive dental experience. When it comes to placing a pediatric crown, we use dental anesthetics to numb the treatment area, as well as the option of dental sedation to calm any anxiety. If the decay has reached the inside of your child’s tooth, a baby root canal will first be performed. Then, the tooth will be reduced in size to accommodate the placement of a crown without changing your child’s bite.

Unlike dental crowns for adults, pediatric dental crowns come completely fabricated in a variety of sizes. Your child will be fit for a crown and any adjustments will be made as necessary. The crown will then be cemented onto the tooth, where it will remain until the tooth is naturally lost.

How will I need to care for my child and their pediatric crown after the procedure?

After your child has a pediatric crown placed, you will need to prevent them from eating until the dental anesthetic has worn off. Once they have regained feeling in their mouth, they can return to their normal diet and routine. In some cases, a temporary soft food diet may be recommended if the treatment area is sore. If your child was sedated, it may take them time to “bounce back” depending on the level of sedation used.